We are a family business that values our vacations as much as you do. It is what you work toward all year! It’s the thing that gets you out of bed on the toughest days and gets you to go to work. You count down to this week from the minute that the last vacation ends and you know how important it is to get it right! BeachMasters is a giant leap forward for your vacation to make it even better. We have worked for years to perfect our beach experience and now we are bringing it to you!

A Little History on BeachMasters...

We started out like everyone else that ventures to the Outer Banks. We rented an oceanside house and schlepped our chairs, cooler, towels, toys and one or two umbrellas down the road every morning. Next year, realizing the amount of work this was, we moved to the semi-oceanfront home. Same amount of work but at least when one of the kids “had to go” we were a little closer. Then the time came to have our own dune deck and our own beach access and essentially our own place on the beach. We went OCEANFRONT!! Now we were doing it right, but we knew we could do it even better. And we did. We graduated to a pop-up tent; beautiful!! More shade, more area to stage our beach gear. This was awesome!! We now had a speaker for tunes, albeit rather small and barely audible outside of a 10-foot radius, but hey, we had music! Then, on day two, wind happened and the tent crumbled, twisted, bent and that $150 purchase was relegated to the recycle bin. Not to be thwarted, we did it again next year with another new & more expensive tent along with a promise to ourselves that we would be vigilant in keeping an eye on that shiny new toy. After all, we now had a bigger speaker that everyone could hear and we had rigged up A BLENDER!! 5 hours into the first beach day, a gust of wind got us. Crumble, twist… you get the idea. These tents just can’t hold up out there. We are very resourceful people though and we needed to keep this tent going, so we used broomsticks and bungee cords to fortify the semi-mangled tent for the rest of the week. We limped through and made the best of a less than perfect beach set-up.

Now, back to the BLENDER on the beach! Really? Oh, yes, really. Imagine the looks we got as we fired up that blender. Priceless. We had frozen drinks in our hands, the tunes filling the air and our corn hole bags flying through the salty breeze. It was magical and the number of people who stopped and stared, commented, pointed, gawked, took pictures and shook their collective heads at what we had been able to bring to the beach was pretty cool. While we high fived over our achievement we didn’t yet understand that we had just born our future. Why should we be the only ones to have this much fun on the beach? Why couldn’t we do this for everyone else?

Our dream now becomes your best vacation ever.

All of our years of experience and planning are yours for the week. We will make your Outer Banks vacation the best you have ever had. We supply the tent with a counter, blender, speaker, cooler, ice, cornhole game, and chairs – every day. You wake up, mosey out to your dune deck or to your closest public access with your morning cup of joe and there it is – your personal BeachMaster’s set up ready & waiting for you. Grab a towel and your sunblock because that’s all you need to hit the beach. We’ll swing back by after 5 pm to break it all down and get it shined up for delivery & set up the next day. We leave the chairs on the dune deck if you are oceanfront, but everything else must go – only footprints and memories left on the beach overnight please!


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