Frequently Asked Questions

We aren't staying in an oceanfront home, can you still help us out?

Absolutely!  We have battery powered blenders and speakers so we can go pretty much anywhere.


We are staying on the 4X4 Beach.  Do you go there?

Unfortunately, no.  Our trucks wouldn't make it 100 feet before we would be stuck.


Do you set up for just one day?  How much is it?

Yes, but only if we have availability.  Our weekly booking are our priority so we don't start to take daily bookings until 2 weeks out during the high season.  September through May we can usually do any day.  June through August we generally only have weekends available but give us a call because we will certainly try!  Daily set ups are $200.


What time do you set up and break down the BeachMasters set?

We will have everything up for you before 9:00am and we will back at some point after 5:00pm to break it down and get it all set for your next day on the beach.


Will you rent just the tent and some chairs?

At this point we are only renting BeachMasters sets as a package.  We just don't have the manpower and equipment to accomodate those requests.  BTW, the whole package is tons of fun!


Cancelation Policy?

BeachMasters, LLC accepts all cancelations up to two weeks prior to the first scheduled date of set up. We will refund 96.5% of all credit card sales or 100% of sales made via cash or check.  Alternatively, We will hold reservations until the next visit to the Outer Banks that the guest can make. 




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