We provide beach equipment rentals and set up on the Outer Banks in following towns: Corolla, Duck, Southern Shores, Kitty Hawk, Kill Devil Hills, and Nags Head. However, it’s not all about our great stuff. It’s about you not having to carry stuff to the beach and back to the house or to the car. This is your vacation and we are fully committed to help make it the best one you have ever had.  We don’t think you will ever need to call us but if it isn’t perfect, please do.  We’ll be out there in a jiffy to fix it up.  Need something that we didn’t think of to add to your beach rentals?  Ask us and we will do what we can to accommodate you.  We haven’t had anything break on us yet, but if it does just call the number on the tent and considered it fixed.  Relax, we’ve got this, you just have fun!!

Beach Equipment Rentals and Set up – Outer Banks

TentTent – You’ve got it made in the shade
This is not your average pop-up tent. It won’t buckle in the first stiff ocean breeze, this is a MASTERTENT. It’s got the strength of 17 gorillas and the beauty of 100 square feet of refreshing shade. We’ve added a counter that runs ten feet along the back for you blender, speaker and whatever else you need to keep out of the sand.

Beach-ChairsBeach Chairs – Plop Down and Chill Out
Sit here and watch the waves roll in while you sip your favorite frozen beverage and play DJ from your own comfy beach lounger. Or you can lean it back and rest your body and mind while the ocean sounds relax you. We set up six of these for you each day so pick your spot and don’t move if you don’t want to!

Cooler-and-IceCooler and Ice – Cold & Fresh
A Coleman Xtreme stuffed with fresh ice every day. You can’t make frozen drinks without fresh ice right!! Not that you would need it but your ice would last for 5 days in here. Don’t worry, we will clean it out and refill it every morning for you.

MusicMusic – Your Music, your way
BlueTooth it within 100 feet from your iThingy, plug and play or let the pros DJ it from your favorite AM/FM station. This little sweetheart will give you enough volume to hear it over the waves and even the blender. So whether you’ve got your own playlist or you want to relax to the local beach stations, you can chill out or rock out to your kind of tunes

The-BlendersThe Blenders – Frozen Perfection
Whether you are oceanfront or not, we’ve got you covered. We’d make Jimmy Buffet proud with an 18 volt, battery powered Margaritaville Blender allows us to set you up anywhere you need us. If you are oceanfront or have access to power, we will set you up with our Blendtec Blender. This ice crushing monster gives you 3HP of pure speed and muscle to blend the smoothest frozen libation you can come up with. May we suggest stopping at a farmers market on the way down for some peaches and other fruit to drop in here? We tested these several times for quality control of course, yum!!

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