We Will Not Be Able To Serve Parts of Duck For Summer 2021

Due to the ever shrinking beach in the main portion of the Town of Duck, we will not be able to provide service in the downtown area that many of our customers generally use.  From Plover Drive on the Southern end through Schooner Ridge Drive to the North we will not be offering service this year. Anywhere to the north or south of this area we will continue to have service available. This was a very difficult decision for us and we have done all we can to this point to try and maintain service for all of the customers who love to stay in Duck and love our service.  Unfortunately, we have three obstacles that make it nearly impossible to work in this area - #1 The beach is very narrow leaving us little to no room to set up between the high tide line and the mandated 15 foot emergency vehicle lane by the dune.  #2 While visitors are able to set up equipment and leave it whenever they wish, we are subject to rules which only allow us to start setting up at 7:00am. At that time the beach is basically full and it also makes it extremely difficult to meet the 9:00am deadline that we like to keep for our customers.  #3 The population on the beach in this area is extremely dense.  Starting at 7:00am makes it nearly impossible to find a space large enough to set up, especially when trying to maintain social distancing.  We apologize for any inconvenience and we hope to be able to set up in this area again as soon as the town has done the necessary beach nourishment.  

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