Take A Day Off Get $50 Back!

In an effort to make sure that we are only setting up when you plan to use the equipment, We are introducing the "BeachMasters Day Off".  Simply let us know by 5:00pm the day before that you will not be using the set up and we will send you $50.  Cold Hard Cash!, well, really a check or a credit to your card, but you get the point.  So if it is going to be too hot, cold, windy, wet, sunny (what?), buggy or if you are going fishing or visiting some other place on the Outer Banks, just call us at (888)444-6756 or text (410) 991-4984 and we will hook you up!

This helps keep the beaches free of equipment that is just taking up space and upsetting people for no good reason.  Also, some townships now require that we only set up when it is requested by the guest even if they have booked for the entire week.  So help us out and get $50 per day back if you aren't going to make it to the beach that day.  Thanks!!

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