Bookings are filling up - Help Wanted

It's amazing what word of mouth and repeat customers can do for a business.  We can't thank all of our previous customers enough for all of their kind words and their loyalty.  Repeat business along with new customers who happened to see us on the beach last year or hear about us from a friend have our phones buzzing!  

Don't miss your opportunity to have an amazing beach time this year!  Give us a call before your week fills up.  The toughest phone calls we take are the ones we can't help because we are sold out.  Unfortunately we know it will happen because we have limited help that we can pull from on the Outer Banks.

On that note, if you know someone that wants a well paid, physical job in the early morning or late afternoon, have them give us a call.  We need lots of great people who are dependable and detail oriented.  If you think they would be good, great or even better than that, please send them our way!

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